The Main Aim Behind Invention of Laathi is to Serve All Those Senior citizen who live alone and Suffer a Boring Life by any Cause.

The traditional support structure of the family is increasingly unable to cope with the problem. In a world where the joint family is breaking down, and children are unable to take care of their parents, millions of elderly face destitution The emerging demographic profile and sociology-economic scenario of the country indicate that matters will worsen dramatically in the years to come.

Various Situations for a Person in Old Age.

  1. Childless Couple
  2. Couple with no Son to take care of them.
  3. Children and Parents living in different cities
  4. Couple not Invested sufficient enough for rest of life.
  5. Differences between Parents and children.

Why Laathi

Serve For Betterment & Safe Future.
Insure 2nd Inning of life.


The primary objective of organization is to advocate, care, teach and serve them with compassion, kindness and respect for bringing happiness in their lives. The people and staffs who associated with us do not work as profession but they just serve the needy with enthusiasm and passion. Our primary aim is to offer long term health care needs to your family and friends.


A quality and respectful living is provided for the retired Senior Citizens by qualified professionals with a dream to create, nurture each others growth in a spirit of transparency, commitment, trust and to promote genuine love and brotherhood. The entire staff at Laathi are committed to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of senior citizens in order to live a comfortable life despite their age. Above all to provide the care, comfort and security so essential for a life of dignity and self-esteem. To inspire every member of this home to attain fullness of life and everlasting joy.