“Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.”
Decimius Magnus Ausonius

Old age is the time when one needs to be treated with respect, care, kindness, and love. It is the time when one goes through grievings of their dementia, addled-ness, doddering, and an unseen depression of being alone. Some thoughtfulness, a helping hand, joyus company of others, and a good care can change that hollow grief into smiling faces. And, that’s what Laathi is all about.

At Laathi, we are keen towards spreading happiness in lives of those who are, somehow, lacking affection, attention and care. There can be various situations for a person in old age when they need a kind help.

It can be:

  • Childless Couple
  • Couple with no family to take care of them
  • Children and parents living in different cities
  • Couple not invested sufficient enough for rest of life
  • Differences between parents and children

To all those who are in pain Laathi is here to take it away and serve you with a smile. The people and staffs who associated with us do not work as profession but they just serve the needy with enthusiasm and passion. We are focused on providing quality and respectful living to old aged people by qualified professionals with a dream to create, nurture each other’s growth in a spirit of transparency, commitment, trust and to promote genuine love and brotherhood.

Laathi promises each and every individual’s long term health care and an peaceful joyus environment for them. To become the part of Laathi family or to provide your loved ones a good care, fill up the form and we will contact you.